The Appearance of New Characters in Ice Planet Barbarians Book 2

In the first Ice Planet Barbarians sci-fi romance novel by Ruby Dixon, we’re introduced to the world of the blue aliens Barbarians and a few key characters like Vektal, Georgie, and Sephalon. But Book 2 expands the cast further by adding intriguing new characters to the series. Some standout new figures who appear in Book … Read more

Exploring Greek Mythology in Percy Jackson & The Olympians

With its premise rooted in Greek myths transpiring in the modern world, the Percy Jackson series offers an accessible and engaging entry point into classical mythology for younger readers. Author Rick Riordan masterfully weaves existing mythological tales into his fantasy coming-of-age narrative while staying true to the source material. In this post, we’ll explore some … Read more

Exploring the Characters in Throttled by Lauren Asher

Lauren Asher’s recent novel Throttled offers a cast of complex, emotionally compelling characters. Though set in a futuristic sci-fi world, the interpersonal relationships and inner turmoil of the characters drive much of the suspense and drama that unfold. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at the key characters, their backgrounds, motivations, and relationships … Read more

How long do fingerprints last on the scene of a crime?


A criminal cannot flee after committing a crime. Even the most careful criminals leave traces of their identity behind thanks to fingerprints. But how long do these fingerprints remain? Fingerprints have been used in criminal investigations for over a century. They remain one of the most reliable pieces of evidence available to law enforcement. Fingerprints … Read more