Finger Lickin’ Good: KFC Maryborough’s Menu Items and Specials

KFC fans in Maryborough were thrilled when the iconic fried chicken chain opened its new location on Kent St earlier this year. With the Colonel’s famous secret blend of 11 herbs and spices on deck, Maryborough residents can now enjoy their finger lickin’ good Kentucky Fried Chicken favorites without leaving town!

We took a trip to the new KFC Maryborough to give you an inside look at what they’re serving up. From signature menu items to seasonal specials, read on for the full scoop of the mouthwatering menu options waiting for you at KFC Maryborough!

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Tried and True KFC Classics

No KFC menu is complete without the OG classics that made the chain famous across the globe! Indulge in the crispy, juicy, downright addicting flavors of these staples:

  • Original Recipe Chicken – The Colonel’s legendary secret blend of 11 herbs and spices coats each piece of pressure-fried chicken to crispy, golden perfection. Get it in a bucket or box meal!
  • Hot & Spicy Chicken – If you like your chicken with a fiery kick, the Hot & Spicy recipe adds a cayenne and smoked paprika packing an extra punch. Feel the heat!
  • Chicken Tenders – Can’t get enough of that secret seasoning? Tenders let you enjoy more surface area coated in the famous crust. Dip ‘em in your choice of sauce!
  • Chicken Pot Pie – Old fashioned chicken pot pie filling with diced chicken, veggies, and sauce, topped with a pillowy flaky crust. Comfort food bliss!
  • Mashed Potatoes & Gravy – Smooth, creamy mashed spuds smothered in savory homestyle gravy make for the ultimate southern side.
  • Cole Slaw – Cool cabbage in a tangy dressing provides crunchy texture contrast. An essential KFC side!
  • Corn – Sweet kernels off the cob bathed in butter. A fitting accompaniment to the main attraction!
  • Biscuits – Warm, flakey, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits beg to be slathered in honey.

Beyond the usual suspects, KFC Maryborough serves up even more menu items for enthusiasts and newcomers alike to fall in love with.

Boneless Chicken & Tenders Meal Options

For those who want to savor their chicken sans bones, KFC now offers boneless menu options allowing you to focus on flavors over getting your hands dirty!

  • Boneless Chicken Box Meals – Choose between original or spicy boneless chicken seasoned the famous KFC way. Served with your pick of 2 sides and a biscuit for a hearty meal.
  • Boneless Chicken Buckets or Bowl – For groups 2-4, opt for boneless chicken bucket with 8 or 12 fillets plus sides. Or choose the boneless chicken bowl with same boneless chicken over mashed potatoes and corn, topped with gravy.
  • Boneless Dips Variety – Go for boneless chicken a la carte and explore dipping sauces like honey BBQ, hot sauce, ranch and more!
  • Tender Box Meals – As their name advertises, tenderloins offer even more no bone eating convenience. Get original or spicy tenders in a box meal with 2 sides and a biscuit.kfc maryborough

Fill Up On Family Style Sides

KFC isn’t playing around when it comes to down home fixin’s! Their side menu goes beyond the classics and lets you build a meal with savory southern accents:

  • Mac & Cheese – Ooey, cheesy elbow macaroni baked to melty perfection. A must try!
  • Green Beans – Fresh cut green beans sautéed with onions in a moreish beefy flavoring.
  • Fries – Crunchy hot fries to dip and double dip alongside your chicken.

Or opt for one of KFC Maryborough’s Family Sides like:

  • Large Mashed Potatoes – Enough cream cheesy spuds to share!
  • Large Gravy – Generous ladlefuls of that good ol’ chicken pan drippin’ gravy.
  • Large Mac & Cheese – For mac loving crews!

Signature Sandwiches & Wraps

When you need a break from the bucket, try out one of KFC’s sandwiches or wraps stuffed with all your fried chicken faves:

  • Zinger Fillet Burger – Spicy chicken fillet with lettuce and mayo on a toasted bun. A fiery twist on classic chicken burgers!
  • Twister Wrap – Your choice of KFC chicken tenders, sliced cheese, salsa and mixed leaf lettuce in a soft tortilla.
  • Chicken & Cheese Sandwich – Original recipe or hot ‘n spicy chicken fillet with melted cheese and mayo on a bun. Cheesy goodness!
  • Krushers – Your chicken sandwich plus a mountain of crispy hash browns. Heart attack in your hands, but so worth it!

Rotisserie Chicken & Salads

Believe it or not, KFC isn’t just about fried fare! Expand your horizons with rotisserie and salad offerings:

  • Original Recipe Rotisserie Chicken – Seasoned to perfection then slow cooked for tender and juicy meat off the bone.
  • Supercharged Salad – Mixed greens topped with corn kernels, beans, carrot, pumpkin seeds, croutons and sliced rotisserie chicken.
  • Caeser Supercharged Salad – All the classic Caesar fixings like cos lettuce, bacon bits, shaved parmesan, egg and croutons w/ hot ‘n spicy or rotisserie chicken.

Colonel’s Catering Bucket Packages

The new Maryborough KFC store makes catering your next event easy breezy. Choose from family style buckets or tailor made packages for simplified group orders:

  • 8 Piece Family Meal – Feeds groups up to 3 w/ 8 pieces chicken, 2 large sides and 4 biscuits. Mix up your faves!
  • 14 Piece Family Meal – For bigger groups, comes with 14 pieces chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. Customize it!
  • 36 Piece Party Pack – Cater a crowd with 36 pieces chicken, 4 large side and 12 biscuits. Plus plates, utensils & napkins!

kfc maryborough

Or Build Your Own Catering Package

Pick pieces, sides and extras that work for your crew – easy as pie! Perfect for office meetings, sports team banquets, community gatherings and more.

Limited Time Specials

Alongside mainstay menu products, KFC serves up special limited edition items putting creative new spins on their classic chicken.

Be on the lookout for specials making limited appearances like:

Colonel’s Chicken Sandwich

  • The Colonel’s classic chicken fillet with topping twists like nacho cheese sauce, smoky BBQ sauce or a wickedly hot diablo sauce!

Loaded Fries

  • Hot crunchy fries overloaded with cheese sauce, gravy, bacon bits, shredded chicken and green onions. Finger lickin’ fry perfection!

Egg Nog Shake

  • Only during the holiday season, indulge in the ultimate guilty pleasure blending rich eggnog ice cream and custard for a limited time icy treat!

And more! New specials debut all the time, so keep an eye out for fun new limited run items only at KFC Maryborough!

FAQs About KFC Maryborough’s Menu & Specials

What time does KFC Maryborough open and close?

KFC Maryborough is open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm for in store dining and takeaway.

Does KFC Maryborough offer delivery?

Yes, you can get your KFC favorites delivered straight to your home or office via third party partners like DoorDash and Deliveroo. Delivery is available within 5kms of the store.

What payment methods does KFC accept?

KFC Maryborough accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Cash payments also accepted.

How can I find out about the latest deals and special coupon offers at KFC Maryborough?

Be sure follow KFC Maryborough on Facebook for updates on latest deals and changing menu offerings. You can also sign up for their email newsletter so special coupon packs and discounts get sent straight to your inbox!

Does KFC offer any kids meal deals?

Yes! KFC’s kids packs make great options for little ones with a compartment box including tenders, small fries, width drink, cookie and surprise toy. Affordable deals kids will love.

Can I order catering platters and buckets from KFC Maryborough?

KFC makes catering your next event simple with family style buckets and combo party packs. You can order catering online or customize your own tray with their team in store. Orders typically require 24 hours advance notice.

What sides can I swap in box or bucket meals?

While combo meals have preselected sides, you can usually customize by swapping in any two regular size sides such as mash potatoes, coleslaw, corn, beans, fries or mac & cheese based on availability.

Satisfy Your Cravings at KFC Maryborough Today!

The secret is out – Maryborough locals no longer need to drive out of town to enjoy the one and only Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken! Pop into the new KFC on Kent St to explore the full fried chicken experience from original recipe offerings to special menu items you won’t find anywhere else.

Bringing the family? Gather your crew and cater up a storm with their combo party packs! Having a casual day with friends? Stop by for a fried chicken infusion over box meals, sandwiches and sides. However you choose to enjoy KFC Maryborough, one things for certain – no one fries chicken better than the OG Colonel himself.

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