From Potatoes to Pantry Staples: What to Expect at Spudshed Australind

Western Australia’s regional grocery chain Spudshed recently opened the doors to its newest location right here in the bustling suburb of Australind. Loved by locals for fresh produce at impressively low prices, Spudshed Australind brings fantastic savings on fruits, vegetables and everyday essentials closer to home.

As the region’s first Spudshed store, anticipation was understandably high leading up to the grand opening. And the shining new supermarket certainly didn’t disappoint! Step through the automatic doors to discover everything from gourmet meal solutions to bulk dry goods, a massive health food section to value packs of pantry staples.

Read on for your insider guide detailing all the grocery goodness waiting for you at Spudshed’s exciting new Australind outpost. Time to give your shopping list a fresh new home!

Oodles of Fruits & Veggies

As hinted by its potato-centric name, the clear superstar at any Spudshed is the fresh produce section bursting with farm fresh fruits and vegetables. And the Australind store deliver an abundance of affordable options to fill your fruit bowl and crisper drawer!

Bananas for 39 cents a kilo? Don’t mind if I do! Enjoy big savings on daily staples like apples, oranges, carrots and onions too. The best part is the produce quality remains impeccable. clearly sorted for freshness and replenished continually. Even pickiest eaters wont protest munching their veggies from here!

Beyond everyday items, the fresh produce selection surprises with harder to find and exotic varieties too. I spotted finger limes, rambutans, baby brussel sprouts, golden kiwi and so much more mingling among the usual suspects. Perfect for injecting some excitement into the family dinner menu!

Spudshed Australind

And don’t get me started on the potato selection! Of course Spudshed offers bulk buy sacks galore alongside every type of spud under the sun. Stock up on creamy potatoes for mash, red royals for roasting or baby boiled potatoes – the tuber possibilities are truly endless.

Meat, Deli & Seafood Counter

Over at the dedicated butcher counter, all meats arrive fresh daily and lean heavily towards Aussie grass fed selections. Find everything from ground mince and marinated chicken fillets to Porterhouse steaks, shoulder roasts, smoked hams and more.

The fridges hum with loads of prepackaged proteins like beef patties, sausages, ribs racks, Tbones and pork fillets conveniently portioned for small families. vdc Or take advantage of the free custom butchering to chop, slice and dice meats to your preferences!

Adjacent seafood displays tempt with battered fish fillets, crumbed prawn cutlets, smoked salmon sides, oysters and whole Tasmanian salmon flown in multiple times weekly. You can also custom order whole crustaceans if desired.

The deli corner piles high with continental meats like salami, prosciutto and kranskys alongside wheels of brie, specialty cheddar, frittatas and pasta salads abundant enough to feed an army!

Value Pack Meat Specials

Spudshed lives up to its bargain-friendly reputation by offering weekly value pack specials on proteins. I’m talking family sized packs of chicken breast fillets, 5kg bags of mince, whole lamb legs, pork collar butts and more – all at impressive markdowns for big savings.

Stock your deep freezer and break out your vacuum sealer! Value pack day makes it easy to grab 4 weeks worth of meat at once without breaking the grocery budget.

In Store Bakery

No supermarket trip feels completely without the heavenly scent of freshly baked goods wafting through the air. At Spudshed Australind, those buttery aromas come courtesy of their in store bakery churning out loaves of white, wholemeal and seed covered artisan breads daily.

Early birds can snag mini loaves still steaming hot from the oven – perfect for impromptu breakfast! Or grab a toasted sandwich or sausage roll to snack on while you shop.

Spudshed Australind

Beyond savory baked goods, a visit to the in store bakery lets you ogle over trays of just iced cupcakes, gluten free slices, whole tarts and creamy custard Danishes. If you time it right, you may even score markdowns on short dated items approaching their sell by date.

Oh and don’t skip the adjoining licensed café either for good brewed coffee, cold drinks and sweet temptations from muffins to croissants, cookies and more!

Health Food & Organics Range

While some shoppers assume discount grocery stores equal junk food paradise, Spudshed works hard to keep health conscious eaters happy too!

The Australind store stocks possibly the most expansive health food and organics range I’ve seen among regional supermarkets. We’re talking overflowing bulk bins of nuts, seeds, grains and cereals perfect for consciously curbing plastic waste.

Adjacent aisles burst with wholefood pantry items like quinoas, lentils, flaxseed meals, coconut oils, nuts butters, dried fruits, organic sweeteners and flours. Plus supplements, natural body care and cleaning products galore.

If you adhere to specialized diets like gluten free, paleo, keto or plant based – rejoice! Spudshed makes following food restrictions on a budget beautifully doable.

Grocery & Freezer Staples

Beyond the perimeter departments, expect to uncover everyday pantry products, canned goods, spices and condiments all discounted to offer maximum value. Of course you’ll find all the usual suspects like pasta, sauces, sugar, oils, rice, cereals, chips and snacks. But consider trying out some of their homebrand items guaranteed to save you bucks without sacrificing quality!

Spudshed makes food storage simple with an entire frozen food section bursting with fruits, vegetables, ready made meals and value pack freezer staples. Load up the trolley with party pies, garlic bread, mixed veggies, chicken kievs, crumbed whiting and more knowing freezer stocked dinners are just a short nuke in the microwave away!

Ready Made Meals & Food To Go

Too wiped to cook after long days chasing little ones or logging hours at work? No sweat! Skip takeout and browse an entire section of freshly prepared meals like butter chicken, beef lasagne, thai green curries, salmon fillets and more ready to take home.

Spudshed Australind

Or grab something ready to eat like handmade sandwiches and wraps, vibrant salads from the deli, hot roasted chickens, sausage rolls piping hot from the bakery or their just fried hot chips and potato wedges. Who doesn’t love a grocery shop with built in dinner?!

Hamper Section

Want to gift someone something extra special and support small businesses simultaneously? Look no further than the hamper section loaded with curated gift boxes filled with decadent treats sourced from local producers.

I spotted everything from cheese and dip towers to boxes brimming with fudge, nougat, fruit jams, nuts, chocolates, biscuits, sparkling wines and so much more. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or anytime you want give a scrumptious surprise!

Final Thoughts on Spudshed Australind

Well there you have it folks – the inside scoop on everything Australind’s shiny new Spudshed supermarket has to offer. From just picked fruits and vegetables to fresh fish and seafood, artisan baked goods to everyday pantry essentials and frozen favorites, you’ll get it all here!

No matter what diet you follow or types of cuisine your family fancies, Spudshed makes keeping fridges and cupboards constantly stocked with something for everyone astonishingly affordable. And their ever rotating weekly specials and markdowns help you save big time.

So next time your grocery list starts running long, do yourself a solid and skip the big chain stores. Instead, head to Spudshed Australind and explore the one-stop-shop built to satisfy all your food shopping needs while keeping extra cha-ching stashed in your wallet!

FAQs About Spudshed Australind

What are Spudshed Australind’s opening hours?

Spudshed is open 7am – 9pm Monday to Saturday and 8am – 8pm Sundays, only closed on public holidays.

Does Spudshed Australind offer home delivery?

Yes! Online grocery orders over $100 placed before 2pm can be delivered to your door (within 10kms) same or next day based on availability. Click & Collect is also available.

What payment options are available?

Spudshed accepts Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay/Google Pay and EFTPOS. Cash is also widely used and accepted.

Does Spudshed have its own app or rewards program?

Yes, they have both! Download the Spud Club App to access exclusive app-only deals and earn points towards money off future shops. Definitely worth signing up.

Where do you find weekly catalogs showcasing specials?

Special catalogues come out each Wednesday listing the week’s crazy markdowns on seasonal produce, meat specials, ready meals and more. Pick them up in store at the entrance or view on their website.

Can you order party platters or custom cakes?

Sure can! Hit their instore cake shop for specialized and themed cakes. Or order platters with 24 hours notice from the deli.

What items can’t you find at Spudshed Australind?

Generally they stock all typical grocery store items minus specialist baby products, international foods or niche health brands which you may need to shop elsewhere for.

Start Spending Smarter Grocery Dollars Today!

What are you waiting for? Join the crowds getting more bang for their buck on all things edible at Spudshed Australind! With absurdly affordable prices across aisles stuffed with goods for all appetites and diets – saving money while filling your fridge and pantry simultaenously never tasted so good.

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