The Appearance of New Characters in Ice Planet Barbarians Book 2

In the first Ice Planet Barbarians sci-fi romance novel by Ruby Dixon, we’re introduced to the world of the blue aliens Barbarians and a few key characters like Vektal, Georgie, and Sephalon. But Book 2 expands the cast further by adding intriguing new characters to the series.

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Some standout new figures who appear in Book 2 (no major spoilers) include tribe leader Rahm, Georgie’s friend Mauda, and evenGeorgie’s freezing pod! Without giving away plot details, let’s look at these interesting new entrances Dixon writes into her steamy, creative Barbarian universe.


Rahm enters the scenes as the leader of the Rath’Varek tribe who initially questions why Georgie and her pod appeared near their lands. This sparks immediate tension and conflict, which Dixon handles with clever dialogue and his showcase both Rahm’s authority and wisdom.

Some key attributes define Rahm:

  • His role as leader means he must determine whether newcomers like Georgie are a threat
  • Wise yet forceful personality as would suit the chief Barbarian
  • Insightful questions reveal his curiosity and intelligence
  • Ultimately welcoming once Georgie’s innocence is proven

Despite his brief appearance, Rahm leaves an impression as a judicious and quick-thinking leader. He makes reasonable decisions befitting his chief status that propel events in an impactful direction. His manner commands respect yet exudes rational compassion.


Georgie’s fellow Earthling Mauda pops up midway through the book in an unexpected twist. Portrayed as timid and high-strung, Mauda serves both as a friend and foil to the fierier Georgie.

Some notable qualities define Mauda:

  • Contrasts Georgie in her more gentle, anxious personality
  • Represents an Earth woman who adapts less smoothly to Barbarian life
  • Becomes a confidant for Georgie to talk openly with
  • Provides humor through her cautious, nervous reactions to things

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Mauda’s inclusion adds new dynamics to Georgie’s character interactions. The two women bond yet also bicker and poke fun like regular friends. Mauda becomes Georgie’s touchstone to her human life, for better or worse.

The Freezing Pod

Even Georgie’s cryo freezing pod emerges as a surprising “character” influencing events in the story! Dixon gives the inanimate object distinct characteristics:

  • Glowing red beams that consume energy
  • Strange behaviors that confuse the Barbarians
  • Life-changing information it recorded pre-crash

ice planet barbarians book 2 pdf

The cryo pod causes a big shift in the story by revealing information unknown to both Georgie and readers. By personifying it with human-like behaviors, Dixon builds mystery and anticipation about it. The pod becomes an unpredictable player that throws dynamics into chaos.

While integral already established characters continue to shine in Book 2, Dixon adeptly brings more depth by weaving these compelling new figures into her Ice Planet universe!

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